Update on DNS problem with Lubuntu 24.04

3 min readJun 21, 2024


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I fixed the bug before any official update on the os that solve it.

Per my last article about my Report on using lubuntu 24.04 , iv’e mention about me wont swipe the os and trying to stand on as it is. Working with os that have obvious bug on it was something new for me, especially on the context of productivity. I cannot argue that the os was ended up being like a blocker for my productity.

The bug was obvious, so do the solution right? but no!. After i find out about the bug, i started talking with person who might help me recognize the problem, both online and offline. I’m become so skeptical about this issue since i know there is no body talking about this problem specifically on Lubuntu forum.

Why there is nobody talking about it? Is it me the only one who using wireguard on this version of Lubuntu?. That thoughts keep walking around my head all the time and i think it’s because i still got no any solution.

There is a bit of conversation on my post about it that says something like `the os has nothing to do with the bug`. Based on that comment, then i know i have to see the problem from other pov. I saw some comment on different says that someone have similar issue but on the different version of lubuntu and yet there is not mentioned solution for that.

That time i still don’t want to change my os to something else, i was convince enough that the bug just on of easy to fix bug, one additional line of configuration will fix it. I just had to think and be patient on it, as i’m trying to see it from other perspective.

I know i had to stop bring it as a OS level bug, i had to be more like a analyst in order to figure out that actually causing this issue. From the forum and person i’ve talked says the problem was on the DNS configuration. I got thrilled to dig deeper into the topic, because what i got from the first time i’m doing research on it was quite close with what i experienced.

Finally i got the sollution on this page, i feel such relief that i know i can become more productive since i have solve the bug. First thing i do is telling people that i have solve the bug on the forum.

try to locate your resolve.conf

The solution was straight forward, as the dns resolver as set to be multiple copy, the os cannot really tell which is which, so simple ln command to create symbolic link of the configuration to the right one will solve the issue.

the solution that worked for me

Add a bit more of patient to solve the problem, and it solved. I really happy with my journey on this, i’m happy that i decided not switched to other os and focus to figure out what really cause this issue and try to solve it.

Again, this is just little journey as a linux user, you cannot rely latest update hoping everything is running fine, s**t happen and youre not alone.