My report on using lubuntu 24.04

4 min readJun 4, 2024


Photo by Nik on Unsplash

It’s start few weeks ago when i really want to move away from using lubuntu to another flavors of linux. The journey begin with looking for some flavors i know then compared with none others lubuntu which my main os for the last 2 years. For some context, i have really low end machine and its running solid with lubuntu.

I ended up being so bored with that distro things, one thing annoy me the most is that for vast amount of distros available, i can’t see any major improvement or major differential aspect rather than different wm or de.

Through that phase, i think it just better for me to just listed what i really want for my os running on my machine and it’s ended up with me just want to use linux for it’s wm (i3). No matters what flavors i’m in, i’m gonna setup everything like how my prev setup looks like.

I’m quite satisfy with my prev config with i3. It’s functional as hell the way i’m using it for daily. Srand with that basics, i decided to use the same flavors as before which is lubuntu. I have zero complaint about the os what so ever, it’s light and fast, it’s just works and that what i want my os to be.

I don’t know why i so exited for instaling the same flavored os on my machine over and over again for years. But this time with new LTS version i really want to see the changes they claimed has made.

Right after the installation finished, i started to begin the configuration i want and everything run just great, its looked just the same but it feels lot better with this new version with all my daily apps running.

Everything running like a dream, light, smooth, and fast, until i realized i miss one single thing which is setup my vpn. Basically for some condition i used to work on my personal machine, on that matters i have to have the tunnel to works things out. The procces of installing was fine and its running fine, until i got some issue, annoying issue that makes me sad for the whole day.

For the context, my company using wireguard as vpn of choice, have no complain about it since it worked perfectly on my last setup. But for some how the connection i want it cannot be occurred. here some anomalies i’ve had :

  1. pairing is fine, but there is no connection

There is no error when do sudo wg-quick up wg0, but i got no connection either on public or private sites.

2. pairing is fine, connection is up for few minutes and then die right after

some random moment, i got the connection (private sites) but suddenly disconnected for no reason.

3. once got connection, curl cannot resolve host but nslookup is fine

The anomaly #2 makes me curious about what happen, at first i think the problem is the wireguard’s config side, but its ended up with another anomaly, basically i do nslookup and it’s recognize it, but one i curl the domain, its throw an error something about cannot resolve host.

That thing makes me go through lots of things just to make sure what is exactly happen that cause this issue.

Finally after sometime checking this and that, talking to person about what happen and hear what they think about it. Finally i decided to do some test on several things just to make sure.

All the test are running on wm, i’m testing two different version of lubuntu 22.04.4 and 24.04, for the concern i found the issue when using version 24.04.

The result was not surprising at all, all this time i know something is wrong with this version since the first time i got the anomalies while using wireguard. The vpn running fine on version 22.04.4 and got the same errors on version 24.04 just as expected.

It’s like full circle from looking for what os to use, found the os, got annoying issue, and back finding for what os to install again. It’s really hard to tell how bad that feels to got some kind of unfortunate moment.

I’m not yet taking any step to install any new os, my machine still running with this os, the os that has wireguard connection issue. At the end of the day that just what happen to linux community, unpredicted things happen, bad things happen, s**t happen.